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I have only just brought the sims 3 after anxiously waiting for a long time. I got this game through origin and I have the sims 3 so I am aware of how to download custom content but I just do not have a sims 4 folder in my electronic arts folder.
Jan 22 made by EA, flooring in picture 2) is mine , apart from the curtains , · All the content you see in the pictures so feel free to browse my downloads to find them. I tried to download some stuff for my sims 2 and my download folder is gone. Thing is that I' m a total n00b at this and keep making mistakes in the process after animating.

Please copy version 0. Therefore the Sims 2 folder, if you do not have a " Downloads" folder you have to create one other wise you will not be able to use any of the items you have downloaded. At time of writing, Mod The Sims already has over 120 different files hosted for The Sims 4.

If the folder isn' t highlighted click it then click File. By abiding by the restrictions of the challenge reaching for the goals of the challenge you will find yourself getting a very different experience from The Sims 4 that you might have playing casually. I' d love to download a folder. I dont have a downloads folder for sims 3.

In fact, I have a second one ready. Questions belong in the forums. As the title says, I don' t have a folder for The Sims 3 in my documents/ Electronic Arts folder.

Just right click then create a new folder in your Sims 2 folder. I dont understand the instructions i have downloaded the mac version gone though the instructions replacing both files , it still didn’ t work you said on a comment be for that you need to update the sims but when i go to game updates on the sims app click the top one it says “ There are no patches avaliable for download.
Is it possible you have a computer that can' t access. There is just too much of my own content to list when its easily accessible. Maxis has actually said that no content made for the game that its not made by them cannot have a price. Please check the Helper' s Corner for Sims and The Academy.

Tell that to the Sims Resource. I don' t work or have any association with EA.
Hi guys, I have another problem. 24/ 10/ - found fixed issue where cabinet footprint stopped use of sinks dishwashers placed beneath; 13/ 12/ : updated for the 12/ 12/ 17 patch that broke some surfaces as well as fix for shadow lods of open cabinets. New version available in the first post. Type in Downloads.

I downloaded it from above unpacked it into the folder where I have all other mods as p 11 · Thanks all for the kind words! If you downloaded the Sims 4 from Origin then your Sims 4 mods folder will be in Documents/ electronic arts/ sims 4 If you downloaded it from a torrent site ( cracked version) then sorry we can not help you as these hacked versions don' t have a mods folder. Rename and type in Downloads. The Sims 3: Late Night is the third expansion for mac pc to the strategic life simulation computer game The Sims 3 is similar to previous expansions for.

I dont have a downloads folder for sims 3. The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules ( updated December 20, ) The Legacy Challenge is a set of self- imposed rules meant to change the way you play the game of The Sims 4.

I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/ game. Hello there : ) am wondering if maybe you could tell me what I am doing wrong? The folders i do have are : cameras collections config locked bins logs lot catalog movies music neighborhoods paintings pet breeds pet coats projects savedsims sc4terrains story telling teleport thumbnails show more i tried to download some stuff for my sims 2 and my download folder is gone.
I like the process of animating. I just don' t get why EA let' s it survive when it clearly violates their TOS. That' s what happens to me- rar files don' t show up in my game. The Sims Alexa Skill is now available for download in any Alexa enabled devices or your smartphone!
No one will help you if its a pirated version. I have also tried right clicking on the sims 4 icon on my desktop and opening the file there but my file contents appear to be different from others. Tested it with multiple saves.

May 18, · Have fixed the issue. The final path will be: My Documents\ EA Games\ The Sims 2\ Downloads. We have a new corner on the forums to discuss anything related to it. Help us helpers to help you Thinking of helping out?
It has been awhile since I played the game but it seems like if you don' t have one the game will auto make one. Source( s) : Played Sims 2 ever since it came out. You’ ll have to create a login to download things from the. ” i don’ t understand what else to do!

Mods: Pregnancy Mega Mod v7 by ArtUrlWWW from Mod The Sims • Sims 4 Downloads. I' ve been trying to. It took about 30 minutes for the game to install and everything seemed fine. Get your Sims an all- access pass to the hottest spots in town. I dont have a downloads folder for sims 3. Double EA Games double click The Sims 2 which will take you here: Click on File then New Folder: The folder should be highlighted ready to rename. Sims 4 Updates: SimsWorkshop - Accessories Headwear : Toskami' s Fox Ears/ Tail in nyren' s kosmik pastels by dtron Custom Content Download!

I don' t answer questions via PM. I dont have a downloads folder for sims 3. The Sims 3 is the third major title in the life simulation video game developed by The Sims Studio ( Maxis) and published by Electronic Arts.
1c to your mods folder and delete previous versions. Sims 4 Studio: A Versatile Tool For Making Custom Content For Sims 4. Whether they mingle with celebrities enjoy a casual night with friends your Sims’ social lives are getting a boost! Maxis has let that cancer exist for years without so much as a word.

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OK so it may be a little bit late, but what you have to do, it open your file explorer, then press documents, electronic arts, the sims 4, mods, and stay there, then download a mod. you have to get the stuff out of the archive.

after you have done that, make a new folder and type the name of the mod and put it on your desktop. now, put the files inside the archive into that folder and drag.